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The Jim McEntee Legacy Committee

The Jim McEntee Legacy Committee is working with Friends of Human Relations, a non-profit that Jim established to
support human concerns in our county.  The Legacy Committee is a group of volunteers interested in promoting and continuing Jim’s agenda.  Since May of 2005, the Committee has been working to commemorate Jim’s lifetime commitment to peacemaking and social justice by constructing a public art project at the County’s Government Building and by establishing a college scholarship fund for low-income students.

Currently Ann McEntee, Jim’s partner and beloved wife, serves as Chair of the Jim McEntee Legacy Committee.  Members of the JMLC include: Ann McEntee, Anne Rosenzweig, Andrea Villaseñor-Perry, Ellen Turner, Richard Konda,Terry McCaffery, Joe Zenk, Richard Hobbs, Fariba Nejat, Samina Faheem, Rosana Madrigal, Judy Rickard, Jim Jam, Marion Tibbits and Gil Villagran.

The late Gertrude Welch served as Co-Chair of the Jim McEntee Legacy Committee with Ann McEntee from its inception and was instrumental in leading the work until her death in March 2007.  The Committee appreciated her strong leadership and faithful spirit and rededicated itself to completing this project in honor of her unwavering commitment.

Following Gertrude's passing, Ann McEntee asked Andrea villaseñor-Perry to serve as Vice-Chair of the Legacy Committee to help oversee Art Project organizing and fundraising. Ann together with Andrea and Ellen Turner, Art Project graphic and marketing collateral designer, worked as a team to spearhead the completiion and dedication of the McEntee Memorial Art Project in May 2010.

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